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Our products

Based on medicinal honey Bfactory has developed several products for wound healing, skin problems and vaginal complaints. Our products are suited for application in professional healthcare institutions and for use directly by consumers.

  • Revamil hydrophylic wound gel for difficult to heal, acute wounds, and first and second degree burn

  • DermagiQ Fem for vaginal complaints like itching, redness, excess of vaginal fluor and unpleasant odor

  • DermagíQ Skin, for treatment of minor wounds that come with eczema

  • DermagíQ Hand, for daily treatment of dry hands

  • Vetramil wound ointment for treatment of wounds and skin problems of domestic animals and pets



On our product website (only in Dutch) you will find detailed information on which product can be used for specific complaints, product specifications, how to order and testimonials of users of Bfactory products.