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Our services

Information about applications of medicinal honey
Bfactory can advise you about the mode of action and applications of medicinal honey-based products developed by Bfactory. These consults concern questions about our products by professional health care workers, general practitioners, vets, chemists, therapists and  consumers. Upon request Bfactory gives lectures and product presentations for different target groups. Below you find several examples of services that can be delivered by Bfactory.

  • Information on skin problems and skin care. Bfactory runs a website (in Dutch) about skin health, skin problems and care.
  • Bfactory Call Centre. Professional employees of Bfactory are at your service daily to answer questions concerning the use and mode of action of Bfactory medicinal honey products.
  • Seminars. Bfactory organises seminars as an item of e.g. the course “Mould diagnosis”, organised by Supplement BV in co-operation with  Leids Cytologisch en Pathologisch Laboratorium (LCPL).
  • Congresses. Bfactory gives seminars as an item in the series of successful Minicongressen, organised by Supplement BV on the theme “Acidification and defence, warts and eczema”.
  • Lectures. Bfactory gives guest lectures, e.g. for students of the Hogeschool INHOLLAND: “Product qualifications of a veterinary wound ointment and market introduction”
  • Product presentations. Bfactory gives product presentations for customers, like wholesale companies, pharmacies and drugstores. Recently,a presentation has been given at Noordwijk for the "Kringapotheek".