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Our vision

Bfactory products based on medicinal, enzyme rich honey are an answer to difficult to heal wounds, persistent skin problems and vaginal complaints 

  • More and more people suffer from difficult to heal wounds and skin irritations like eczema, itching, rough and red skin. Skin problems and chronic wounds negatively affect the quality of life and frustrate social contacts
  • Wound and skin problems are increasing because of ageing of the population, an increase of people with diabetes mellitus and allergy-related complaints
  • It is well known that honey can promote the healing of wounds and can stimulate the condition of the skin
  • Only specific honey types have these healing properties
  • Based on scientific research, Bfactory has developed a medicinal honey for the manufacturing of effective products for specific skin problems, wound healing and vaginal complaints


What underlies our vision?

Our vision is based on scientific research, clinical investigations and experiences from practice. Below you find a list of publications. 

  • Medical-Grade Honey Kills Antibiotic-Resistant
    Bacteria In Vitro and Eradicates Skin Colonization, papaer in CID basesd on research in AMC, June 2008.
    Download pdf.
  • Honey of a healer fights bacteria when drugs don't. Daily Health Blog of Barton Publishing, July 2008. Download pdf.
  • Honey eliminates refractory skin-colonizing bacteria. Reuters Health, June 2008. Download pdf.
  • How sweet it is: Honey shows promise in eradicating bacteria, speeding wound healing. DermatologyTimes July 2008. Download pdf.
  • Honey eliminates stubborn skin microbes. MindFood, June 2008. Download pdf.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Contribution in Wikipedia. Download pdf.
  • Honey eliminates stubborn skin microbes. Revolution Health, June 2008. Download pdf.
  • Revamil Honey gel, a successful remedy for wounds. Download pdf.
  • Honey based wound ointment for wound healing and skin disorders with animals. Download pdf.